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Promote your business in one or multiple Host Partner Locations.
Be exclusive or semi-exclusive in any Host Partner Location.


Get your own screen that promotes your own content at the same time.

Play your business in other
non-competitive Host Partner

Closed Network

Get your own dedicated screen that showcases only your content while at the same time promoting your business in other Host Partner locations.


Many small business owners are dependent on repeat business which makes it the majority of their revenue. They also know that their best new customers come from referrals, called “Word of Mouth”. Another significant factor in obtaining new customers is called “Top of Mind”.

“Top of Mind” refers to a brand or product being first in the mind of a customer. We build both “Word of Mouth” as well as “Top of Mind: through our network of shared screens. Host businesses house our screens which play ads from other, non-competing local businesses whom share much of the same customer base. “Word of Mouth” and “Top of Mind” occur as customers view their ads in neighboring Host business locations.

3 Times Easier to retain an existing customer than it is to retain a new one


How much more likely a customer is to refer a business after a positive experience


How much a repeat customer spends on average, more than a new customer

An increase of 5% of customer retention can increase profits by as much as 85%

it cost 10x as much to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.

Most Businesses...

Use Social Media

In order to increase the frequency of customer visits and to increase the chances of word of mouth.

Install Customer Rewards

software in order to increase customer retention.

From OUR Customers

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***** 5 Stars

“How exciting…Day 1 of having the system install in our Nutrition Club and it was attracting attention. Day 10 of having our ad seen by the public on the Bluebonnent Visual Branding Screens and we got our 1st Customer who came in specifically because of that ad. Curteous and professional staff… effective advertising! Very pleased!”

Diana Morgan Lindsey

***** 5 Stars

“Amazing products that provide great value backed with ultimate customer service!!! Thank you Teresa.”

Arthur Marseoni

***** 5 Stars

“These guys are one of the best group/company at media marketing. We have their system installed at our establishment and I can personally vouch that their product.system works.”

Zahir Walji

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